Monday, August 26, 2013

July 24 – Seward

After dumping sewage, stocking up with fruits and veggies at Costco, we headed south to Seward.  We stopped by the little town of Hope but there really wasn’t much to see or do except to buy a bumper sticker and kill a few mosquitoes. 
The drive to Seward is just incredible.  The natural scenery takes your breath away and you never want the journey to end.  However, Seward is really all not that far away and we soon entered the fishing community.  One of our first stops was to the Mt Marathon trail head where we would spend the night.  The following morning we attempted the trail but its steepness and rugged terrain, as well as stinging wasps, proved too much for Ginger and we headed back to the RV.  The biting black flies and mosquitoes were no joke either.  We found out about a jeep trail that connects to the Mt Marathon trail and decided to check that out since it seemed a bit more canine friendly.  This turned out to be a beautiful but steep trail that gave us some amazing views of the town and the bay.  On the way back down we took the connection to the Mt Marathon trail and still couldn’t believe that people could actually run, let alone climb this ridiculously rough trail.

The start/finish of the Mt Marathon race
Incredible views from town

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