Monday, August 26, 2013

July 22 - Anchorage Part 1

I was surprised by the size of Anchorage, expecting something just a tad bit larger than what we encountered in Fairbanks.  It had everything one could expect from a large city but all packed in a seemingly 20 mile radius, mountainous trails included.  This was great since we were never far away from whatever we desired. 
Upon arriving, the first order of business was to hit up one of the breweries to sample their wares.  Good stuff.  The business area was mostly paid parking and not very RV friendly so we didn’t hang around there too much.  Instead we investigated a few nearby parks and found one that had access to a beach, albeit a very muddy beach.  Later, we parked at Earthquake Park where we had a nice moose encounter until a car rolled up and scared it away.
We were supposed to meet our friend Summer the next morning but a glitch in communication happened and so we planned to meet the following morning for breakfast.  We went to University Lake where Ginger played in the water and socialized with her fellow canines.  Spent the night parked at the train station where Vanessa got to hold a freshly caught salmon and we woke up to our very first parking ticket.  Had I known it was a paid lot, we would have found other accommodations since we refuse to pay for our nightly stays.  Since I considered this parking lot sneaky with their lack of signs, I refused to pay the fine and will hope it doesn’t catch up to us later.
The following morning we had breakfast with Summer and then went to the local dealer to order a new door handle for the RV, which we’d pick up when we swung through Anchorage again.  Now its time to head south and see what the rest of Alaska has to offer.

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