Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 6 – Anchorage Redux

Driving to and from Anchorage along the Seward highway is amazing, with the cliffs on one side and water on the other.  Just beautiful.
Upon arriving back into Anchorage, we spent the next few days taking care of chores, such as dump tank, food shopping, blog posting, etc.  We also drove over to the Flattop Mountain trail head seeing as how it was supposedly Alaska’s most popular trail.  Although we've run along some much better trails, Flattop did not disappoint.  It was only a few miles to the summit and provided incredible views overlooking the city.  It was drizzling and so the views were not as far reaching as they could be but it was still quite impressive. 
There were long stretches of trail leading away from the summit of Flattop that Vanessa and I planned on running the following day but the rain storm intensified and we couldn't do it due to the steep, dirt road leading up to the trailhead.  Instead, me met up with some friends for dinner, called it a day, and then left the following day.

Top of Flattop Mountain

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